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Indie Web Developer and coffee drinker

How to delete Facebook and not lose your friends (and photos)

Facebook is boring, it used to be great now it’s boring. I used to have 200 friends now I have 1500. There is no way I know 1500 people.

And if you touch it Your world can change forever

And everything looks like a giant cupcake

The Open Metrics Movement

From questionable blog posts about making $15,000/m in passive income whilst chilling on the beach to million dollar companies (and $5/m startups) making their metrics public. This

Telegram Group: Talk Django

A few months ago I started a group on Telegram called Talk Django.It's basically an IRC and Slack alternative group for Django Developers to discuss all things related to

Remember who you are

Whenever I feel some self-doubt vibes creeping up I watch this video and somehow I feel better again. :)

Coding for beginners

How do I build something? I'm not a programmer.If you wanna learn to make apps, build websites, etc and don't have a budget to hire someone, you should really

I built a starter theme for Ghost

Over the last few weeks I've absolutely fallen in love with Ghost. Coming from a WordPress background, but not the biggest fan of its bulkyness, to not being able to

Setting up your Huawei Rain LTE router to make VOIP calls in South Africa and Replace Telkom.

Our Telkom copper lines was stolen once again, and we didn't have an ETA on when it will be replaced. Generally it takes them about 2 days to get the

I made a Telegram bot that tells me local surf conditions.

After I made Downtime bot, I decided to go a bit further and make it related to something I’m truly passionate about. Surfing. It started off with mapping out

J-Bay is always magical

I've been coming to Jeffreys Bay for many years, ever since I can remember. Little did I know back then that it's home to one of the best waves in