Ronald Langeveld

Indie Web Developer. Dismissing traditions to follow my dreams. I write about code, surf and just about anything.


It's a bit strange trying to write an About Me especially considering there's so much about myself I still don't quite understand.
But from what I do know, I'm very much a thinker and I'd like to think I'm a do-er, which is why I don't talk much.

I grew up in Durban, South Africa. Hated my 12 years of school and then
then spent the 5 best years ever in Seoul, South Korea.
I'm back in SA for now catching up on some surf,

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but also on a quest to get back to get back to the eastern continent. That's totally my vibe.

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Having always been inclined to all-things-tech I naturally started finding my way into the Tech Industry, through doing web development gigs for both Individuals and Startups as well as building Digital Products with my fellow passionate makers over at

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