I built a starter theme for Ghost

by Ronald Langeveld

Over the last few weeks I've absolutely fallen in love with Ghost. Coming from a WordPress background, but not the biggest fan of its bulkyness, to not being able to find a platform that does exactly what I want it to do, I eventually discovered Ghost and now it's my blogging platform of choice. I like to say I'm a blogger, but I rarely write - but I think I'll get back into it.

I do however love building themes and stuff for publishing platforms - I'm not much of a designer though, but the more I do it, the more I'll develop my own style.

Having carefully studied the Ghost Documentation in regards to building themes, I eventually built my own little starter theme that would help me build themes for Ghost faster, without having to keep on referring back to the documentation as often.

I made it open-source too, so contributions and suggestions + feedback are very much welcome.


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