Here's an incomplete list of projects I've worked on over the past few years.
Both client work and personal side projects. was a little hobby project I did in 2019 to learn GatsbyJS. I scraped data from the official APB website. However soon after the pandemic was here and the world-tour came to a halt and I haven’t updated it since, nor did I renew the domain. You can still check it out on here.

Tech used: React, NodeJS, GatsbyJS, GraphQL


A frontend landing page, blog and glossary developed using React and NextJS. The site was designed on Figma and my responsibilties was to develop it. The blog posts and resources is pulled from the Ghost API and server rendered.

Visit Feefty.

Tech used: React, NodeJS, NextJS, Styled-Components, Ghost, i18n, Figma

Fiix Enterprise Integrations

Following an open-source library I developed for the Fiix Enterprise platform, to simplify their really complex API, I’ve been commissioned by multiple companies ranging from small startups to multinationals to use my library in production for data integrations that handles thousands of requests every day. Some of the integrations include SAP, SAGE as well as ProAct CMMS.

Tech used: Python, Sage, SAP, SQL, Fiix

Game Quitters

I’ve been working with Cam from Game Quitters for the past 3 years. I’m maintaining their Wordpress website which receives over 130,000 requests per month, at an on needed basis and also have a React App that’s currently in Beta.

Tech used: React, NodeJS, WordPress, PHP, MongoDB

Hamster Capital

I was contacted by the founder of Hamster Capital via LinkedIn and I was contracted to build the MVP of Hamster Capital. We developed a Django Web Application that allows startups and investors to create profiles and our algorithm would attempt to match them with other startups and investors.
The startup have since been acquired and renamed to

Tech used: Python, Django

ISP Logger

ISP Logger is a web application that allows users to monitor the performance of their internet service providers, by performing a series of tests and logging the results, displayed on a dashboard.

Users would deploy a small Docker application on their home computer, which would run the tests and log the results to the website.

I developed this application in Python with Django, React, and NextJS.

I launched this project on Product Hunt. While I received good feedback from users, it wasn’t a commercially viable product.

It was shutdown late 2021.

Tech used: Python, Django, React, NextJS, Docker


I was hired by Kindbridge to develop a simple web application that allows users to book appointments with a professional therapist and pay online via Stripe. While the marketing site is developed in WordPress by their own team of WordPress experts, I was responsible for creating micro services for the website that would integrate with the Python / Django web app that I developed.

Tech used: Python, Django, WordPress, PHP, Freshworks, Stripe, Calendly


ProAct CMMS s a fully-featured, web-based, mobile-first, and responsive application that allows users to manage work orders, track their progress, and communicate with their assigned technicians. It integrates seamlessly with Fiix to manage Work Orders.

Tech used: React, NodeJS, Postgresql, Prisma, Fiix, Docker


QuarterClub is a startup that partners with cafe’s, restauratns and pubs to provide a platform for discounted beverages and snacks. The platform is built on Django, Python, and Wagtail. I was responsible for the entire development and much of the design. It includes a custom payment gateway integration (Payfast) as well as coupons and discounts.

Tech used: Python, Django, Payfast, Wagtail, Ghost, Mapbox

Rain Speed Test

A React dashboard I setup to monitor our home internet to prove to our ISP at the time that we are indeed receiving far slower speeds than advertised.

On the home server, a docker image is running a NodejS script that connects that performs a speedtest every hour and sends the results to a Firebase database.

This eventually led to the development of ISP Logger.

Tech used: React, Firebase, Docker


Web Application developed using Django. It’s a simple application that lists lakes in the US and find fishing tournaments.

Tech used: Python, Django, Mapbox