Writing more

A few days ago I migrated my blog over to Ghost. It's a move I probably should've done years ago already but was unsure whether I should or not, till I finally found a solid reason that cancels out all the potentials drawbacks.

Since it's just a personal blog, there's no real focus. While as a software engineer there will probably be a lot of tech related posts, as I've been doing over the years but also whatever I feel like I want to share, that doesn't quite fit a tweet or instagram post.
I will likely be off to a new adventure in the coming months and this will be a great way to keep family, friends and whoever else is curious in what's happening.

Additionally I decided to lock up some posts and make it private. They are mostly old, long lost posts that I had to dig out using Wayback Machine and as you can imagine - cringy to the max, but to preserve and keep it genuine, I copied them over exactly as is, unedited. As a result, these are for members only, so do Sign Up - just add your email and you have full access forever.

Going forward, my personal posts will probably be a touch more closed off, while the tech ones will be open to generate some traffic.

I'm going to do my best to write more. I generally find writing quite therapeutic so I think I should really get back into the habbit of writing every once in a while, even if to a much smaller audience, if any.